Because Homoeopathic medicine work on root cause in order to cure the disease so below remedies are according to underlying cause of hairfall:

1.  Acid phos-  when hairloss results from excess stress

2.  Ferrum phos-  Hair loss due to iron deficiency

3.  Nux vom-  Hair loss aggravated after antibiotics

4. Nat Mur-  Hairloss occurs due to dandruff or due to skin or menstrual disorder

5. Mezerium- Hairloss because of psoriasis

6. Graphitis –  Hairloss because of weather change

7. Antim crud- Hairloss due to headache

8.Sepia-  Excess of hairloss after delivery

9.Thuja –  hairloss due to Hereditary

10. Acid flour –  hairfall after prolonged illness.