As now festive season will start people with extra bulge or those who follow healthy lifestyle would be afraid to have all the delicacy and if they had it at all, would be regretting on their decision.

If you can relate to this, this post is just for you!!!

Due to this inevitable condition most of us are working from home. This is the year when we can celebrate with our loved ones without seeking permission from our bosses for leaves and enjoy this festive season coming our way. And festive season means having good feast and special festive delicacies with family.

Now that we would love to binge on all the special foods let’s see how to do it in a right way so that we can Indulge without getting that extra Bulge.


Most important when consuming any food is to keep a Quantity control, be it healthy or unhealthy.
Practising this golden rule will not only help you in losing or maintaining the weight but also reduce your craving towards unhealthy stuff.
Portion control can be achieved by: –
– Having your meal in a small plate, so that plate looks full and you don’t end up taking every option available on table.
– Taking high calories foods like vada, puri, sweet rice, porridge, ladoo, burfi etc only 1 piece of half bowl.
– If having packet food remove limited quantity for you in a bowl or plate and then consume it. Instead, if taken directly from the packet we don’t get an idea how much has been consumed.

# Tip no 2 – NOT WITH MEALS

Try not to take high calorie content food with major meals. If you do so you are just increasing overall calorie content of the meal resulting in spike of blood sugar level and deposition of unwanted fats in our body.
The right way to take high calorie food is separately at mid morning or evening as a separate meal and obviously in less quantity.

Whereas there are some combination which are superb together ex:- Rice and Vada/Bhaji/Papad. Which are difficult to resist on, in such case you can have 1piece of high calorie food and half quantity of regular food from your daily intake.
Example : Take 1no Vada/Bhaji/Papad with half cup of rice plus 1 Katori of vegetable.


You can enjoy such delicacies mostly in first half as we usually are more active during that period of day. This will eventually help that extra calorie to shred of a bit.
Try not to take any high calorie food with dinner or post 7 pm as this will only cause deposition of fats in your body and hence result in those extra weight or feeling heavy.

# Tip no 4 – ENJOY YOUR FOOD

A prime thing while consuming anything is to enjoy it completely. Have a bite of your favourites’ appreciate every ingredient in it, take your time to chew it properly enjoy all the juices and then swallow it. This is also a great method to derive pleasure from your favourites’ and reduce its craving later.
If you just binged it without actually feeling the taste your body and mind will crave more and you will end up eating a lot then needed.
Make conscious decision to be mindful as you eat.

# Tip no 5 – WORK FOR IT

Major thing which happens in this festive season is we eat our special food but we do not consider evenly to do our physical activity because its family and leave time.
Actually this is the time to do some extra credit then your normal physical activity as we are increasing our overall calorie intake. Try to be more physically active throughout the day also include regular duration of exercise in any form as Dance, Sports, Swimming, Strength training etc.
Work for every bite of indulgence so that there is no regret later.

 # Tip no 6 – PLAN YOUR DAY

Planning your meal on daily basis helps to manage the intake of right food with right quantity.
In following months where we would be celebrating Navrathri, Dusherra, Deepavali, Christmas, New year as major festivals we will have lots to indulge and enjoy on, so in this period planning  your intake and expenditure, would be helpful to be consistent and to know yourself when to stop indulging on.
Example:- If you had heavy meal or too much sweets try to compensate in other two major meals.

 There is always a option to prepare delicacies using a bit healthy ingredient as different types of sugar, using whole grains or millets instead of refined ones but it would provide almost same calories with some amount of minerals in it, and according to me, this is the only time in year where we can enjoy food with our family and friends as this major festivals are just once a year so enjoy natural recipes and it’s taste, because the one made with alteration wont taste the same as our mother or grandmother would prepare.