Dr. Devyani Agarwal



Designation:Homeopathy Consultant

Dr Devyani Agarwal holds a bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine and surgery
degree since 2013 .She is registered as a medical practioner with Delhi
homeopathic board and central council of homeopathy, Govt. of India.
Her father is also a homoeopathic physician and she have seen multiple acute
and chronic diseases has been cured by him in a very simple yet effective way
and she got inspired by him and choose her profession and completed her
degree in 2013.
And got a chance to learn various aspects of homoeopathic system by working
in homoeopathic hospitals and started own practice in Moradabad, Delhi and
She regularly attends workshops and seminars by world renowned doctors and
academicians. This helps in fine tuning her clinical skills thus providing
best possible treatment to her patients.
Her personalized and individualized approach to a patient makes her treatment
most efficient and provide disease prevention, long term wellness and cure.
She says "Homeopathy is simple, effective and permanent solution because it
cures from the roots for every sick person whether it is acute or chronic
disease and at the same time it is safe."
She has great command over disease diagnosis and its proper treatment and
general management.